Windows Automatic Updates Service is Missing

We often get calls from customers our system computers were infected by an Autorun worm. The worm discovered by antivirus products in the middle of March 2011 scares customers by dropping files on the hard drive such as

  • myporno.avi
  • setup[4 random number]
  • myporno.avi
  • pornmovs

However, this isn’t the worst problem. The malware appears to have shut down the Windows Automatic Updates service. In fact, it appears to have completely deleted the service from the Windows XP machine I was working on.

The Windows Security Center shows the Automatic Updates service as being turned off, but the fact is the service is gone from the computer. Although I dont know for sure this autorun.aabl worm was the cause for the updates not working, it is very likely.

In case this situation happens to you, contact us to reactivate the Automatic Updates service and get your computer up-to-date again.

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