Sell your used android Cell phones: Swappa Style!!

Buying a used Android phone can be tough. It seems like most of the people slingin’ their handsets up on eBay or Craigslist are doing so because they don’t really understand the phone, which doesn’t exactly lend to their ability to aptly describe it. Most of’em end up reading something like:

FOR SALE: The Verizon ANDROID. It has a touchscreen, buttons, microphone, four “G”s, buttons, and a battery. Runs all the apps! iPhone sucks! Brand new in box. Well, the box is new. The phone is broken.

“But wait! Thats not enough information at all!” you say. “Is it rooted? Is it running CyanogenMod? Is the ESN good? Also, what the hell is the Verizon ANDROID?” Alas, your e-mails go unanswered, with the buyer giving you whatever the Internet-equivalent of a blank stare is.

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