Mac how-to: Five Awesome Disk Cleaners

Our 5 favorite drive cleaning applications that are guaranteed to whip your Mac’s drives into shape.

–  Onyx – It’s free. The second? It’s awesome. Just use it!!

–  AdZapper:  The next time you choose to free up hard drive space by getting rid of unwanted applications, don’t just drag them to the Trash, try zapping them instead!

–   Trimmit:  Free and intriguing application from software developers Vacuous Virtuoso reclaims hard drive space by taking aim at unnecessary files from an application’s installation while leaving still leaving it able to function.

–  MacKeeper:  MacKeeper is a powerful disk maintenance suite that’ll not only assist you in reclaiming scads of lost drive space, but can also alert you to other issues surrounding your computer. Taking some of the best features of applications like Trimmit and OnyX, MacKeeper comes equipped to clean your drive of junk files, locate duplicate content, report back to you on your disk usage and locate hard to find data using a robust set of filters.

–  CleanMyMac:  MacPaw’s CleanMyMac is another heavy hitting Mac drive cleaning utility of the same ilk as MacKeeper. With its user-friendly interface and strong feature set CleanMyMac is a great choice for computer users that want to thoroughly scour their drive clean with push-button simplicity. Just click Scan, sit back and let the application work its magic.

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