5 Reasons Why Your Inbound Marketing is Failing

Clients that come to us with a track record of inbound marketing attempts; meaning the Tweeted, opened the Facebook page, wrote blogs and its doing nothing for there business. It’s easy to figure out why too.  After peering into some analytics and asking a few questions the reasons are obvious. All this SEO/SMM marketing is really a science and does not make sense to the average small business and it can be very frustrating.

Below is a list of seven of the most common reasons for having lack-luster inbound marketing results.

1.  Inconsistently publishing blog posts: Even if nobody is reading your blogs you need to contribute content to the internet and you can do this buy blogging and doing at least 3 times a week if not more.

2.  Landing Pages/Forms: It is very important that you push landing pages or forms. Get people to put in there information and hit that submit button, this will work.

3.  Lack of help: Most people use the internet for researching problems, entertainment or communication (email). You need to have contact that is geared toward your type of client. Answer, post material that will be of some value to these people.

4.  Lack of Lead nurturing: If someone downloads, post something on your site, etc. There is somewhat of an interest there – call them, email them, that is considered a warm lead.

5.  Too much time on SEO: Search engine optimization is good practice but do not get all hung up on it. Updating your blogs, tweeting, building contacts in Facebook etc will be much more valuable.

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