5 Reasons why your business should only purchase Business Grade Technology

A lot of small business owners tend to believe that just running to your local best buy, Staples, office supply store that carries computer equipment is ok, its not. Might sound like a quick cheap solution but its a bad move!!

Here are a few reasons why buying biz grade is the way to go:

1.  Purchasing consumer grade equipment will cost you more over time. The physical components of the equipment is low grade; cheap plastics are used, power supplies are not heavy duty, motherboard/other are low grade, etc. 

2.  Biz grade products will cost you more up front but you will recoup the difference in no time. Biz grade is more money for a reason; its built better, better materials are used which means a biz class machine will withstand the daily wear and tear vs. a consumer grade machine. This is especially true with laptops; magnesium casing is used, metal hinges, shock-mounted hard drives. 

3.  Support & your time. When you call Dell, HP other and give them your service tag from your business class machine vs. your consumer grade machine this is what you will find. With the biz class machine you will reach a techincian in much less time, you are dealing with a much better grade technician on the phone and they tend to get to fix a lot faster. So spend 2-3hrs on the phone with a consumer tech or maybe 30-45min with a biz grade tech (time = money). 

4. Warranty is MUCH better. Personally this is one of the main things we bring up to a client. A consumer grade machine will usually come with a 90 day or 1yr basic warranty. If its a 2-3 year its prob some type of depot warranty where if the machine needs parts, you will have to mail the machine to the manufacture and this could take weeks to get fixed. The biz class machines usually come with 3yr NBD (next biz day) warranties; for any hardware probs. a tech will come onsite to your office with the part with in 48hrs and fix the machine with no extra charges. That alone is worth $200-300+

5. Features (Bells & Whistles). The biz class machine tend to have built in features that will help you in many different ways. Biz machine may have advanced networking (VPN, RDP features), built in backup software, restore features, etc. etc.. The home/consumer machine does have its own set of features but they tend to be features such as: tools to help retouch a photo, games, etc. 

Any questions or comments, feel free to ask!!

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