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23 Social Media Facts to Share with Executives

Social media is a place to share, so here is a breakdown of 23 high-level numbers and statistics that can make jaws drop, and get the hamsters in their heads turning the wheel.  If you are asking why 23, well I was watching the NBA with my nephew when thinking up this post and figured […]

Social Media Gaining Traction Amongst Small Businesses

American Express recently conducted a survey titled “OPEN Small Business Monitor survey” to assess the role of social media amongst the small business fraternity. And being a social media loyalist, I have to say that the results of this survey indicate a bright future for social media adoption amongst the business world. Small Business Monitor […]

Social Media Must for Your Business

A decade back, social media was a lesser-known phenomenon. With time, it emerged as a handy online tool to keep in touch with friends and family over the internet. Wikis and blogs gained momentum but largely in the context of personal use or for informational purposes. Since then, the social media scenario has changed every […]

Being Truly “Social” Business

A {grow} Community Week Contribution by Kneale Mann There is increasing discussion these days about developing a “social business.” The vital word to remember in this name is business — real work tied to a bottom line. The social business doesn’t start or end in the digital space but rather in the human universe. It […]

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